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The IDEAL Collaboration is an initiative to improve the quality of research in surgery. It is:

  • A model that describes the stages of innovation in surgery: Idea, Development, Exploration, Assessment, Long-term study
  • A set of recommendations at each stage of the model that have been developed by experts in evidence-based surgery, for example on improving methodology and how to address the challenges of randomized controlled trials in surgery
  • An international group of surgeons, researchers, journal editors, methodologists, statisticians, and other people who are committed to producing, disseminating, and evaluating quality research in surgery.

Virtual IDEAL Conference 2021: April 15 – April 16 hosted from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Full details and FAQs available at the IDEAL2021 conference page:  https://ideal.minervation.net/ideal-conference-2021/

Outline programme now available





IDEAL Conference 2019  Oxford, UK

See our 2019 meeting webpage for more details

IDEAL Conference 2018  Bristol, UK

Videos of presentations from the conference are now available : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLag6FVgi67H1OtKoy2ZSui2afdYJoks6c

Further details on our IDEAL2018 Conference webpage

IDEAL Conference 2017  New York, USA

Research, Regulation, and Reimbursement in Surgery and Technologies

Over one hundred international participants attended the conference where we had presentations and discussions about the latest developments in the scientific methodology for investigating new surgeries and medical devices in a variety of clinical areas. We used the IDEAL Framework as an EBM tool for these sessions to examine pathways for surgical innovation and considered perspectives on regulation and reimbursement.

View the Program here – IDEAL 2017 Final Agenda

Presentations from the conference can be downloaded at the IDEAL Conference 2017 tab 

IDEAL Conference 2016  Oxford, UK

Evaluating innovation in surgery and therapeutic technology: the IDEAL approach

Abstracts from our 2016 Conference are now published in the International Journal of Surgery December 2016 Volume 36, Supplement 2, S133-S144

Videos are now available at the University of Oxford Podcasts  https://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/series/ideal-collaboration-conference-2016