A radiotherapistAs a surgeon, anaesthetist, or interventionalist, your focus is on your patients and ensuring the best possible outcome for them, and avoiding the worst. You are on the front line of delivering health care and have neither the time nor the resources to thoroughly appraise every publication you come across, nor should you be expected to.

You have a healthy amount of skepticism but ultimately want the best for your patients.

How do you know that applying the findings from a study will help your patient?

  • IDEAL is a set of recommendations for the evidence-based practice of surgery. It is geared towards participants in all stages of gathering and using evidence for the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for patients.
  • Whether it is an established procedure or a relatively new one, IDEAL is also a framework for all stages of surgical innovation.
  • The aim is for studies carried out in accordance with IDEAL principles to be trusted as methodologically sound so that clinicians can more easily make decisions about patient care, and inform their patients so that they can themselves make decisions about their own care.

Get involved in the discussion with other clinicians

IDEAL has implications for many different areas of clinical practice, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy or indeed any area of complex intervention.

To help us better understand how it applies in clinical practice, we will be very happy to hear from any practitioner.

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