IDEAL Conference 2016

St CatzxcfEvaluating innovation in surgery and therapeutic technology: the IDEAL approach, #IDEAL2016

The IDEAL Collaboration Conference 2016 was held at St Catherine’s College, Oxford on 7 April. The conference examined how to create a pathway for the effective scientific evaluation of modern surgical treatments, with a focus on the potential of the IDEAL Framework and Recommendations as an evaluation template.

The effective scientific evaluation of modern surgery and other invasive therapeutic interventions based on technology has become an increasingly important issue because of the lack of a clear pathway and the rate at which new technological innovation has increased. Surgical treatments can often be complex and are challenging to evaluate in a way which provides valid evidence of safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness. This imposes problems on regulators and purchasers of treatment who need to make evidence-based decisions about them.

This year’s conference focused on:

  • How to evaluate surgical and other therapeutic technology appropriately throughout its development and initial clinical use
  • Examples of successful innovative therapeutic technology and its evaluation in Oxford and internationally
  • Experience of using the IDEAL Recommendations to evaluate surgical technology
  • Industry perspectives on innovation and evaluation
  • Special focus on the evaluation of robotic surgery
  • How device regulation and technology purchasing can be appropriately evidence-based
  • New methodological ideas in evaluation of technological innovation
  • Ethical considerations in surgical research
  • The role and potential of the IDEAL Recommendations will be discussed by plenary lecturers in relation to a range of these aspects of evaluating technology.
St. Catherine's College Location: Oxford, Oxfordshire Client: Hodder Associates Architect: Hodder Associates

St. Catherine’s College
Location: Oxford, Oxfordshire

The Conference Programme:

Download the full conference programme.

Download the full list of conference posters here: PosterList_17th Mar2016.

The IDEAL Scientific Committee:
Peter McCulloch, Allison Hirst, Art Sedrakyan, Philipp Dahm, David Beard, Bruce Campbell, Jonathan Cook, Sean Kehoe, Sally Hopewell, Guy Maddern, Bill Summerskill

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