IDEAL Conference 2017

IDEAL International Conference 2017

Research, Regulation, and Reimbursement in Surgery and Technologies  

May 4th-5th 2017, New York Academy of Medicine,  New York City  

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Promoting innovation and evaluation in modern surgery and other invasive technologies including implants is one of the main challenges in healthcare. IDEAL is a development of Evidence Based Medicine approach designed to provide practical solutions to the real problems of surgery, devices and other complex therapies where randomised trials are often problematic.

The second IDEAL international conference of over one hundred participants focussed on the hottest topics in surgical/interventional care in various clinical areas and celebrated the continuing work of the IDEAL Collaboration. The conference provided real-world context and a wide variety of perspectives from surgeons, methodologists, professional societies, industry, regulators, ethicists, and payers. Plenary lectures were intermixed with parallel educational sessions and discussion opportunities for surgeons and scientists.

Download the final program  IDEAL 2017 Final Agenda


 Download the presentations below – remaining sessions to follow


Plenary Session 1: IDEAL Surgical Innovation/Evaluation: current developments

IDEAL Template and specific opportunitiesPeter McCulloch, NDS Oxford McCulloch_The IDEAL template

Introduction to IDEAL-DArt Sedrakyan, Weill Cornell Medical College, NY Sedrakyan_IDEAL_Device_talk_NY_2017 (2)

IDEAL and Innovation at the FDAMurray Sheldon/Danica Marinac-Dabic, FDA Sheldon_DMD-IDEAL 2017

IDEAL is a continuously improving work in progressJane Blazeby, University of Bristol Blazeby_IDEAL final

Clinical Think-Tanks using IDEAL to reflect on case studies

Cardiovascular SessionBruce Campbell, NICE/MHRA, UK Campbell-Bruce_IDEAL Cardiovascular Group

Orthopaedic SessionDavid Beard, SITU, NDORMS, University of Oxford Beard_Ortho Review

Plenary Session 2: IDEAL Stakeholder Engagement in Education

Education and current surgical research training – Ajit Sachdeva, American College of Surgeons

UK perspective: NICE, the MHRA and IDEALBruce Campbell, MHRA P2. Campbell-Bruce_IDEAL NICE MHRA & IDEAL 5 May 2017 v2

Industry exposure to IDEAL: education and outreachJesse Berlin, Johnson & Johnson P2. Berlin_Industry exposure to IDEAL (1)

Publishing IDEAL – A Conversation with Journal Editors

Perspectives from a general medical journalElizabeth Loder, British Medical Journal   1. Loder_IDEAL May 2017

An update on the Research Registry and IDEAL studiesRiaz Agha, Intl Journal of Surgery  2. Agha_IDEAL – Research Registry-IDEAL Update May 2017 (3)

Surgical journals and IDEAL – style reporting – Justin Dimick, Annals of Surgery and JAMA Surgery

Plenary Session 3: Health Technology Assessment and IDEAL

IDEAL and HTASean Tunis, Center for Medical Technology Policy (CMTP) Tunis IDEAL-HTA intro 5-5-17

Advancing methods of Health Technology Assessment for medical devices: the EU MedTechHTA Project – Tammy Clifford – CADTH/MedTechHTA  Clifford_IDEAL Presentation – MedtecHTA – May 2017

International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research – Medical devicesBruce Gingles – Cook Medical/ISPOR To Post – Gingles IDEAL slides final

HTA and IDEAL (a “NICE” perspective)Bruce Campbell – MHRA/NICE  Campbell-Bruce_How to apply IDEAL in HTA 5 May 2017 v2

 MDEpiNet and NEST Session

The history of MDEpiNet and device life-cycle evaluationsDanica Marinac-Dabic, FDA

Creating coordinated registry networks & utilising routine data for device researchArt Sedrakyan, Weill Cornell  2. Sedrakyan_MDEpiNet_Update_IDEAL_2017

More efficient evaluation using registries and Bayesian approachesMarion Campbell, University of Aberdeen  3. Campbell-Marion_IDEAL2017 v2

UDI database interoperability and registries: vascular device examples Behnaz Minaei, FDA and Phil Goodney, Dartmouth  4. Minaei_IDEAL-UDI-May5th 20175. Goodney_GUIDID5.5.17

Introduction to National Evaluation System for Devices/Technology (NEST) and IDEALBill Murray, MDIC Murray_NESTcc Overview Ideal Conference 2017.05.05